Books & Library

The Museum holds a library of over 500 books and booklets of local historical interest, guides to Sussex and local churches and works by local authors. These books are available on loan to Society Members unless otherwise stated and are divided into the following headings:-
The Lindfield Collection
A library of valuable books was left by Eric Linfield for use by the Linfield One Name Group and loaned for safe keeping to the Museum. The Linfield One Name Group have access to these books and are available to members of the Museum Society at the discretion of the Librarian. These books are mainly guides to Sussex and on Sussex history.
See a list of the books in the Linfield Collection
Local Churches
This group contains guides to and histories of local churches.
See list of books on Local Churches
Local History
This group contains books on the history of local area.
See list of books on Local history
Local Authors
This group contains books by or about authors who lived in the locality.
See list of books on Local Authors
This group contains reference books on various subjects.
See list of reference books
Books for Sale
The museum has a number of books by local authors and of local interest which are for sale.
See list of books for sale

The Old School House

The Museum is housed in The Old School, Storrington